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Thread: RMS Usage

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    RMS Usage

    Hey guys,

    I'm currently developing an S40 application that needs a DB.
    I've conducted some research and found the RMS to be the only option
    that will allow what I want (unless you know any non-GPL SQL-over-RMS libraries?).
    My application uses a few DB tables for its operation. Is it possible to create
    more than one RecordStore for a single MIDLet? Or is there any other recommended mechanism that will allow the use of several tables?


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    Re: RMS Usage

    Yes, though one or two (low-end, non-Nokia) devices have a limit to the number of stores. There may also be limits to the number you can open simultaneously.

    There are limits to size on many devices (all Series 40s). On the early, MIDP-1 Series 40s, this limit was 20k (MIDP requires a minimum of 8k), but newer devices allow more.

    You might like to read this article.

    Beware of RMS... it's not a relational database, and the very term "database" only applies in the loosest sense. Be careful not to expect too much of it.


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    Re: RMS Usage

    Have a look at Floggy(floggy.sourceforge.net).
    It's a open source persistent framework for J2ME. It's made on top of RMS api but seems good because in floggy you can store Objects.


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