So I've upgraded the firmware on my 5800 and now have Kinetic Scrolling - wonderful.

Except the J2ME apps I've developed which use CustomItem components have issues. For example I have a CustomGridList which shows the screen acting as a 'window' on a large datagrid. Using touchscreen the user can scroll within the window both horizontally and vertically. However with the introduction of kinetic scrolling, the entire form is scrolled instead (which effectively does nothing but allow the form to scroll up or down the screen, then bounce back before control is passed to the customitem to allow it to do it's own internal scrolling).

Anyone else have this problem, and anyone else have a solution?

Also while I'm at it - Nokia J2ME implementation doesn't cope with themes (getting device foreground and background color) and sizechanged within CustomItem (changing the device orientation from landscape to portrait should trigger and does so on the emulator, but not on the device). All in all, implementation is still 'clunky'.