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    Promote Your App with an Ovi Banner

    We wanted to announce the availability of the Online Banner Generator Toolkit which we hope will help Ovi Store publishers to co-brand and promote their applications.

    Developers who use this tool can quickly and easily design their own personalized marketing banners in just a few clicks. They can chose from a wide color palette, and include specific messages that directly promote their content. Each banner also includes deep links to the specific content in Ovi Store that is being promoted.
    The tool is also available in multiple languages including French, Italian, German, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese and English

    In the near future, the option for .mobi optimized assets will be made available. The tool is FREE for all publishers with content in Ovi Store and we hope this will help our developers to profit more from their published content.

    Please try it for yourself by visiting: http://promotions.ovi.com/toolkit.
    The User ID is toolkit and the Password is t32KitTool. --Both are required to access the tool and both are case sensitive.
    Once you’ve logged into the tool, read through the guidelines, click on the get started button and follow the quick and easy steps to create your own sample banner ads

    We hope to integrate this in the future to the POvi process, but it will be located on the ovi promotions pages in the interim.

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    Re: Promote Your App with an Ovi Banner

    Hi All,
    The User-name password combination has been removed and you now link to your products store id

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    Re: Promote Your App with an Ovi Banner

    one stupid question: are custom banners no longer acceptable now?

    I was told by the Ovi team to maker banners, and they were never used...
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    Re: Promote Your App with an Ovi Banner


    The Ovi banners can be created here


    These also have the guidelines.

    Thank you.

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