Help me please - i unable to install signed MIDP application on S60 3rd emulator - when i trying to install any signed MIDP application (f.ex. HelloWorld with Verisign cert. that i get from via OTA, after downloading application i get an error: "Certificate error. Contact the application supplier" and application was not install.
First, i think to verify certificates set on emulator - "Settings" -> "General" -> "Security" -> "Certificate Managment" -> "Authority certificates" and there are only 4 certificates - for symbian applications only:
(VeriSign Identity-Based ACS Root for Symbian OS
VeriSign Testing-Based ACS Root for Symbian OS
GeoTrust Testing-Based ACS Root for Symbian OS
GeoTrust Identity-Based ACS Root for Symbian OS)
then i decide, that i need certificates from real device - (Nokia S60 3rd phone - Nokia E71) and i tell to my friend to send me file cacerts.dat from c:\private\101f72A6. When i get this file i was copied it to the following folders on empulator install place:
After it, i have go to "Certificate Managment" and i see all certificates from real device, but when i see a "Trust settings" option for any of them, i don't see an "Application install" option as on real device (there are only "Internet" and "Online certif. check" set to true).
I trying again, to install HelloWorld signed midlet on emulator but again get the following error ("Certificate error. Please ... ").
PLEASE! Help me to decide this problem! I think that is any configuration error of my emulator. (I set up Nokia S60 3rd FP2 SDK v1.1).

(I know, that certificate in HelloWorld midp application is expired and always set date to 19.02.2008)