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    Question " j2me netbeans error "

    Execution failed with error code 1.
    BUILD FAILED (total time: 21 seconds)

    click the error link go to buildmpl.xml

    pls give the answer.

    nb-run jadfile="${dist.dir}/${dist.jad}" jarfile="${dist.dir}/${dist.jar}" jadurl="${dist.jad.url}" device="${platform.device}" platformhome="${platform.home}" platformtype="${platform.type}" execmethod="${run.method}" securitydomain="${evaluated.run.security.domain}" commandline="${platform.runcommandline}" classpath="${platform.bootclasspath}:${dist.dir}/${dist.jar}" cmdoptions="${run.cmd.options}"/>


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    Just making a guess,
    is your obfuscation level is high?
    if yes then try after setting the same as LOW
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