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    Problem in including lwuit.jar to eclipse/ ant script


    I am getting issues with setting LWUIT.jar path to my existing project.
    Project is built using ant script and developed under eclipse 3.5.1

    Tried ways:
    1.Putting and checking jar to properties->java buildpath ->libraries/orders and export (gives compile time classnot found exception)
    2.Setting classpath to windows->preferences->ant->runtime (gives compile time preverification exception)
    3.setting classpath to ant script (gives runtime class not found exception)

    Please provide some solution thjat how can I set LWUIT.jar to my ant targetter eclipse j2me project.

    Thank you

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    Re: Problem in including lwuit.jar to eclipse/ ant script


    could u please post the exact error messages what u r gettin.
    This will help to understand the root of ur problem.


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