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    Post Improve search by approximation on Ovi Maps

    Hello people, actually I am using Ovi Maps v3.0109 and I think how the program can be greatly improved.

    The way to search for cities, addresses, etc, is quite strict because of bad approximations. There is why:

    It only suggests data that begins by the same characters that I am typing, when usually there are several ways to name the city or address. For example, a place in Spain called "Coruña" is not found on ovi maps as city if I type it like that. It can be called as well "A Coruña" or "La Coruña" and just searching for "Coruña" should guess that it mustn't start by it, it other words, should suggest data containing that word and not just beggining with., i.e. ovi maps should search *data* instead of data* because sometimes is not well know how the name begins.

    Furthermore, some places can be called 'street', 'road', 'square' or 'avenue' just to mention. Imagine 'Road palace'. If I search palace is not found. Ovi Maps forces me to know how it is exactly named in its official name and how exaclty does it look like. It would be useful if I drive around home, but not for other.

    Also, special characters should be assumed, for example if I introduce 'ñ' it should show only names containing it, but if I enter 'n' it should show names containing 'n' or 'ñ', same for 'é', 'ü', the german 'ß', the 'ç', and so on.
    This is because official names for places can't be translated, the Ovi Maps is not good for non-english countries.

    Other navigation software like Google Maps, Sygic or NDrive do it that way and is very easy to find directions when you misspell.

    I hope Nokia considers this.
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    Re: Improve search by approximation on Ovi Maps

    You have a good idea. But please post your feedback on the end-user discussion board, at http://www.nokia.com/discussion

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