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    [moved] CA root certificate recognition within Nokia and Symbian applications

    Our company TURKTRUST is an authorized Electronic Certificate Service Provider (ECSP),
    namely a CA, operating in TURKEY. Our root certificates are recognized by Microsoft,
    Mozilla, Opera and Safari products. We give great importance to span a wide range of
    browsers in order to be operable in all environments due to our SSL certificates.

    However, we still have difficulties in some mobile devices, especially Nokia and other
    Symbian based products, in terms of root certificate recognition. As far as we know,the
    Symbian developer group has an initiative about using Mozilla's trusted root certificate
    lists in their applications. Yet, we are not recognized within Nokia mobile products
    although our roots are in the Mozilla trusted root lists.

    We would like to get your suggestions about how we may progress from this point on, to
    include our root certificates in Nokia devices and/or Symbian applications.

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    Re: [moved] CA root certificate recognition within Nokia and Symbian applications

    Hi Attila,

    please see this old thread, it has your answer: http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...ot+certificate
    -- Lucian

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