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    Smooth browsing from Java applet

    Hi gurus,

    I'm searching a natural way to design a semi-web application. It should be partially Java (some logic, Location API processing, RMS etc) and partially web-based (access to profile, settings, extended services).
    The reason to do so: We design the same service for many platforms and want to move common part to web.

    My intention is to create a smooth switch from applet to web so user doesn't notice that he is switched to web environment or back to applet. Just like iPhone applications work.
    If I use standard environment call, 1) system requests permission and access point again (it's not acceptable within one application) 2) it invokes browser with all the menus (not acceptable).

    Browsing the internet I found the only one relevant way to run browser: http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...ser_in_Java_ME
    But this code doesn't work under NetBeans as it is, I must partially replace the library with dummy classes to build application. And then, I got 2M applet (wow! 1 call generates 2M!) install it to N82 and it does nothing!

    What could be your advice? Maybe I need to use WRT + Java? Any ideas?

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    Re: Smooth browsing from Java applet

    This will be extremely difficult.

    First: you can't use eSWT on your N82... it's not supported. It's not a library you can add, it has to exist on the device already.

    So, if you want web content, either you use the system browser (through platformRequest()), or you implement your own browser.

    From the system's browser, there is no way to pass control back to a MIDlet (unless you're in the US, and you're a Sprint subscriber, in which case your phone might have some extra APIs for this) (yes, I know you're not a Sprint subscriber - the N82 wouldn't work on the Sprint network).

    Either you write your own browser, or you find/buy one from someone.


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    Re: Smooth browsing from Java applet

    Thank you, Graham!

    So, there are 2 solutions: to purchase third-party browser or to re-design apploication using some other language (C++ or WRT).

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