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    12 bit colour depth - beginner

    Ok I've tried everywhere,

    i understand the logic but where or how do you create a 12-bit PNG? is there an option in photoshop to customize the colour depth?

    I read the brief introduction to MIDP graphics, but it looks like it's for coders!

    thanks for any help

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    hi foja,

    it's me foja, i talk to myself all day so might as well answer myself..
    you can create a customized graphic document in photoshop by choosing > FILE. OPEN AS, then choose RAW. however, ther is no option to choose 12 bit (or 4 bit per colour?) depth.
    i soon realised that a plain PNG should be ok, otherwise someone would have said otherwise.
    so carry on up the undefined, virtual and degrading digital path to you uncertain success.
    new to

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