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    Question Creating theme for N85 (icons differs from Carbide to my Phone)


    Probably someone already asked it, but I tried to search and didn´t find a answer.

    I started creating a theme in Carbide for my Nokia N85 cellphone and noticed that the icons on the program are different form the ones present in my cellphone. For example, in Carbide when I start a new theme, in the Application Grid I can see Message, Contacts, Logs, Media etc... But When I look at my phone, the same menu are occupied by Contacts, Messages, Maps, Music etc...

    What I´m doing wrong? How can I make Carbide to understand that my phone is a n85 model and that the icons in the Application Grid are supposed to be the second ones and not the first ones?

    Hope I made myself clear in my question. thank´s for the help

    best regards

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    Re: Creating theme for N85 (icons differs from Carbide to my Phone)


    Please use appropriate plugin which supports your mobile model.
    In your case you need to use "S60 3.2 plugin" as N85 is built on S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2.

    You can download plugins from carbide ui plugin page:

    You can find device specification on Nokia Devices page.

    Ramesh P

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    Re: Creating theme for N85 (icons differs from Carbide to my Phone)

    This is All together a different issue.
    Carbide platform has support for Different devices.

    The order of icons showed in Carbide might differ from the ones they are in your phone, cos Carbide Plugins are not phone type specific.

    They are Symbian os type supported, and under one type there are many number of devices that are categorised.

    N85 is under FP2 Category.

    And apart from this, it seems you have peoblems with all icons, for that you need to have APP UID viewer or JBAK Task Manager, in your phone to see the application UIDs.

    You need to manually enter your phone UID s in Carbide under the Preference Tag....Third party Icons category.

    Once that is done you find those icons with blank heads in your Context pane icons, where you need to put in your own custom icons before packing your theme.

    Once you do these correct, you would never have any problems.

    For N85 Theme UIDs , I can help you with All UIDs .


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