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    OVI Store: Total costs


    I am planning to put one application into the Ovi Store to finance development costs. But what are the exact costs generated when selling with Ovi Store? According to [1] the costs seem tremendous.

    So, what are the exact costs (without signing the application)?
    + 50€ registration fee
    + how much revenue share goes to Nokia?
    + what other costs arise?
    + taxes automatically deducted?


    [1] http://www.paxmodept.com/telesto/blogitem.htm?id=779

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    Re: OVI Store: Total costs

    The 3 main reductions removed from the sales price are:

    - tax (this varies dependent on the country)
    - operator billing (this varies from network to network, but can be in excess of 50%)
    - Nokia's 30%

    You also have the fact that Nokia adjusts the sales price for each app dependent on the country for a cuople of reasons:
    - so that the exchange rate adjusted value is still a round number (e.g. $5 rather than $5.36)
    - I think they also adjust the price to make the item sellable in different regions (e.g. the cheapest price point in Finland might be €1, but another region may have a lowest price point as the equivelent of €0.50).

    You can disable operator billing but you're then potentially losing sales to customers who don't have credit cards registered with Ovi (it'd be nice to know what percantage of Ovi customers do?).

    On average we receive about 45% of the sales revenue of our apps (e.g. a €1 app download 1000 times would give us revenues of €450).

    Hope this helps,

    Andy Nugent (Ravensoft)

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    Re: OVI Store: Total costs

    Thanks. So, if I offer a free app, I have to pay fees too? (at least the operator fees?)

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    Re: OVI Store: Total costs

    If you release a free app, you pay the Ovi Publish registration cost + any costs associated with signing the app (required for Symbian and Java). There are no operator fees to pay, if the app is free (the user that downloads your free app pays whatever data traffic fees their operator charages them).

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