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    flashlite app packaged, can't use navigation

    I've used WRT to package a flashlite app.
    the widget only contains my swf app.
    I can create the WRT package fine and it will install on the device as expected.
    however, the keypad cannot be used to navigate around the app.

    the left/right / select nav does not work, nor do the soft keys.

    I've tried this js on true and false but doesn't help:


    the same swf packaged as nfl for series 40 works a treat. any advice?

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    Re: flashlite app packaged, can't use navigation


    Here is a video of the issue experienced from RDA (well done nokia on an excellent product)

    You will see that the phone's soft key nav appears over my apps version. when this is the case I can't use the soft key navigation that I have set in the app.

    i've used fscommand to reset the soft ket nav and set my own functions on these buttons, but when the phones soft key nav options pop up I can't use any navigation elements I've set including the main left/right/select navigation.

    I've used the '5' key button to stop start the timer but with the phones nav present it is ignored.

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