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    Qt Mobility Beta changes

    A considerable amount of changes have been incorporated into the Beta release. This thread tries to point out some of the issues which may occur:

    1.) Almost all Mobility API's have changed. This may cause compile and runtime breaks. The list of API changes can be found in SRC/dist/changes-1.0.0-beta1

    2.) API headers have been moved from /epoc32/include to /epoc32/include/applications (contacts and versit API) and to /epoc32/include/middleware (all remaining APIs). This may cause issues with tech preview headers which may still exist under /epoc32/include. TP header files must be removed before attempting to use the Beta release code. All QtMobility headers start with the letter q.

    I will add points to this post if required.

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    Re: Qt Mobility Beta changes

    Thanks Alex for the updates.
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    Re: Qt Mobility Beta changes

    Excuse me but i just installed the symbian mobility package and a few things are unclear to me.. should i now point the environment variable PATH to C:\s60\devices\s60_sdk_5th\epoc32\include\middleware or how exactly do i get ahold of the files inside?

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    Re: Qt Mobility Beta changes

    The middleware directory is already present in Symbian builds (at least on my box), but you appear to need to add an INCLUDEPATH entry to your PRO file for epoc32/include/applications. (At least no one has explained to me how else access to the includes can occur.)

    [Although, after doing some reconfig/rebuild, it seems like the INCLUDEPATH is no longer needed, though I don't quite understand why.]

    [Well, I take that back -- Carbide in its own inimitable way was simply "forgetting" to refresh the PRO file. Once that was done the INCUDEPATH entries were again needed.]
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