I am actually using the rss reader using VS 2008.

My apps works nice.. bt the part where I have my song url.... when i click on it,.... its downloading the song to my hp.... how to mk it to play in browser itself or play with any default player in the phone.....

example.. if Iphone.. it plays in Quicktime ... n when i close Quicktime it goes back to the app.

here is my code where i used to display......
  if (item.url != null) {
        buf += "<div class=\"FeedItemLink\">";
        buf += "<a href=\"JavaScript:void(0)\" onclick=\"openURL('" + item.url + "'); return false;\">";
        buf += "PLay song...";
        buf += "</a>";
        buf += "</div>";

really hoping some help... I m new to this Symbian apps development...