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    Backlight not getting OFF

    I am working on video recording application. To keep the backlight ON I use User::ResetInactivityTime() while Recording and when in preview mode i skip calling it. Following is the snippet;

    if (iRecordingAdapter->State() == CVideoRecorderAdapter::ERecording )

    The problem is after first Record, when application back again into preview mode, the device back light won't get off. I checked with debugging and the above snippet is working fine, i.e. in preview mode the User::ResetInactivityTime() is not executed.

    However, before first recording it is working fine, i.e. the backlight get off on its defined time.

    Please tell me, did i missed something? Do i need to restart the Inactivity Timer after calling User::ResetInactivityTime()? How can i do that.



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    Re: Backlight not getting OFF

    there is already a similar thread running http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...d.php?t=193880 . so refer to that

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