Hi All,
I am getting a strange problem of UI Freezing for few seconds , I get the following logs "TOP Collision" and sometimes "Bottom collision". This happens when playing Video files in repeat mode for long hours.
The scanerio is as follows
1) Open file manager on S60, and select any Video file (mp4) from any path
2) Open the file using real player
3) Set realplayer in repeat mode
4) after file plays for long hours in repeat mode, click the "back" button in real player, UI freezes for 8 -10 secs and i get "TOP collison " in the logs.
5) UI is fine after that, can continue playing.
On further debugging i see the prints come from AVkon library from Aknphysicengine.cpp (aknphysics.lib). I could not get any info about Aknphysics on web, or symbian docs. I am using Symbian 9.4.
I am new to symbian Application development, I am more of a Multimedia Middleware guy,
Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated