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    [moved] OVI QA process for WRT apps

    Does anyone know how long does it take to approve a WRT app in OVI?
    I submitted a WRT app to OVI 28 (!!!) days ago and is still in process.


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    Re: OVI QA process for WRT apps


    I'm sorry to hear that, but please submit your question to OVI dibo. I'm not sure how often OVI people are browsing this forum.


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    Re: OVI QA process for WRT apps

    Hello Rafi,

    The number of days it takes to pass an app, not only WRTs, through the QA process depends on the Queue, and longer if a foreign language is involved that needs to be translated back to English.

    The best thing to do here is to send Publish to Ovi support team an email and inquire on the status of your application after checking for any QA reports sent to you, as well as if your content is locked and all the data and metadata is correct.

    Hope this helps.

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