Hi there,

i am a newbie, and trying to program Qt for Symbian. I am using;

1. Nokia N95 8GB
2. Qt 4.6.2
3. S60 SDK 3rd ed. FP 2. v1.1

I have installed everything. The problem is i am getting "Required application access not granted" when i try to install
cameracapture, writemessage etc examples in the Qt API beta SDK. If i try to download slideshow (also an example in Qt API beta SDK), i have no problems.

I have turned off application signing in the phone. How can i install the above examples to try on the phone? From there on, if i develop my own program, how do i use them without signing (for development first)?

I am doing this, as mentioned in the install.txt
createpackage -i [example]_template.pkg release-gcce