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    Display Gif Animation on one side of the screen

    Hi, I previously posted a topic about gif animations and have since created a working gif animation demo, whereby an animated gif of a running man is displayed on the screen, and currently I am changing the "speed" of the run by altering the interval time.

    However, in my example the gif is drawn to the entire screen by using:

    DrawBitmap(Rect(), iBitmap);
    What I need to do is to not run this animation as a full screen animation, instead I would like to have the animation running on the left hand side of the screen, with some information displayed on the right.

    I've tried nievely attempting to resize the Rect() object as follows:

    TRect halfRect = Rect();
    gc.DrawBitmap(halfRect, iBitmap);
    But the animation was still displayed in full screen mode. I have even attempted using TPoints to just move the animation to the side, but this resulted in the animation not playing at all.

    I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of an example to resize and reposition the gif (as the examples I have seen currently discuss displaying the animation as full screen). Or if it is possible to split the container in two somehow, and have the animation drawn to the left, and the information labels to the right.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Display Gif Animation on one side of the screen

    TRect::Resize() takes Pixels in Int. so yours will be TRect::Resize(0,0)

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    Re: Display Gif Animation on one side of the screen


    Thanks for your speedy reply

    I've managed to get the small demo I made display only in one area by adding points into TRect():

    Thanks again!

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