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    Question WRT parsing of non-xhtml HTML

    I'm making a XmlHttpRequest to an actual web page inside a WRT widget. The response is not XML, not XHTML but just HTML. I can get it as text, but is there a decent way to parse it so I can extract information from it? Right now, I'm considering custom-tailored regular expressions, but I'd much prefer a DOM-like model. I've also considered using an IFRAME but have not yet explored that path. It seems DOMParser.parseFromString is only for XML.

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    Re: WRT parsing of non-xhtml HTML

    Hi Trinition,

    if the HTML you receive is not well-formed, you basically have 2 options:

    1) use regular expressions, as you mention

    2) manually well-form it

    Most of times, the first option is by far the simplest


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