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    Arrow CMMFDescriptorBuffer NewL( ) error


    When I try to new a CMMFDescriptorBuffer with max size 4096 bytes, system went to Error: "E32USER-CBase 47". But when I new this buffer with default size there won't be any problem.

    I've tried to increase stack size and heap size in .mmp file. The problem still there.

    Any ideas???

    Error message

    Thread [Thread id: 471] (Suspended: Signal 'Exception 100' received. Description: Thread 0x1d7 has panicked. Category: E32USER-CBase; Reason: 47.)
    5 Unknown (0x803A2F66)() 0x803a2f66
    4 Unknown (0x803A2F66)() 0x803a2f66
    3 Unknown (0x803A2F66)() 0x803a2f66
    2 Unknown (0x803A2F66)() 0x803a2f66
    1 Unknown (0x803A2F66)() 0x803a2f66

    this problem also happened when
    "newBuffer = new(ELeave) TBuf8<KBGMBufferLength>;"

    E32USER-CBase 47 Error Description
    “This panic is raised by the Error() virtual member function of an active scheduler, a CActiveScheduler. This function is called when an active object’s RunL() function leaves. Applications always replace the Error() function in a class derived from CActiveScheduler; the default behaviour provided by CActiveScheduler raises this panic. ”
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