I'm new to J2ME and NetBeans(Basically,i'm .net developer).I want to develop an application for S40(Nokia 6300).Simple one -Mobile Diary.

What i did

1)Downloaded and installed
JDK,JRE related file(JAVA)
NetBeansIDE 6.8

2)What I want to know

1)In NETBEANS Mobile Application Develop environment,for what they are
using "Flow"?Where i have to start?is it in VisualMIDlet?I could see
assigned commands link.Here,i want to connect command with
button.But,button is not available.Have any chance to get any tutorial
for Netbeans J2ME environment?

2)How we can connect our program to JAD?

3)How i can write my text to JAD file

4)Whether it stored in JAD,have any option to search content?

Thanks in advance