I am having two mp3 files(Lets say track1.mp3 and track2.mp3) Iam reading buffer by buffer from track1.mp3 file and giving to WriteL() of the class CMdaAudioOutputStream. Its playing well without any problem. But when I do the same with the other file i.e. track2.mp3 file then the phone is geeting restarted. Can someone help me why this is causing the problem?

1) Both track1.mp3 and track2.mp3 are having the same bitrate.
2) While it hits any of the MMdaAudioOutputStreamCallback APIs, its giving the error code as 0 (KErrNone)

Please note that in my usecase I need to use CMdaAudioOutputStream class instead of CMdaAudioPlayerUtility.
Your suggestions and solutions will helps me alot.

Thanks in advance.