I am trying to run our NFC mobile payment demo on a mac but I'm having a lot of trouble with the Omnikey 5321 USB device. It seems that it cannot find the reader. I am not sure if there is a driver problem but I tried downloading a driver for it from the HID website but I still have a problem. Here's what I'm seeing:

Has anyone been able to connect it to their mac?

MacBook-Pro:MozidoNFCClient$ java -jar MozidoNFCClient.jar -CLASSPATH=.

Mozido NFC Library Test Client........

Initializing Debug Log.......
DebugLogConfigFileName: MozidoNFCClient-Debug.properties
PropertiesURL: jar:file:/Users/xxx/Desktop/MozidoNFCClient/MozidoNFCClient.jar!/MozidoNFCClient-Debug.properties
Loading Mobile Phone List.......
NFCClientPhoneNumberListPropertiesFile: MozidoNFCClient-PhoneNumberList.properties
Tag --> Phone Number Cross-Reference List
PhoneNumberReference1: DE1D333F,12144175963
PhoneNumberReference2: 00000001,12148001001
PhoneNumberReference3: 00000002,12148001002
PhoneNumberReference4: 414A351962280,12148001003
Loading Application Properties........
ReaderName: OMNIKEY CardMan 5x21-CL 0
ReaderNumberStr: null
Reader name found in properties file. Reader Name: OMNIKEY CardMan 5x21-CL 0

Reader number found in properties file. Reader Number: 10

Fetching Reader List........Successful.
Reader #0: PC/SC terminal OMNIKEY CardMan 5x21 00 01

Setting Reader (OMNIKEY CardMan 5x21-CL 0)........Failed! NFCManagerException: NFCManagerException: Reader name not found. [SetReader()]