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    Image Manipulation Class in Flash Lite ?


    I had looked through the flashlite 3.0 documentations but didn't find any. I'm looking for a class in FL 3.0, that can perform image manipulation operations much like in the Bitmap and BitmapData classes on the desktop version.

    I'm trying to write a simple flash app. which reads a large-sided image and splits/partitions it into little portion - much like you'd find in a jigsaw puzzle game.

    So basically, the app. would:
    - Take the large-sided image, and save it into an image object.
    - Convert or scale it to a smaller size, using grid-scaling.
    - Make copies of 'each section' in the grid of the large image;into an 80x80 size.
    - Display the small size portions to the user.

    The concept might resembled that of a picture-puzzle game, where you have little pieces of a larger image and you're suppose to reassemble them. - so i need code snippet that converts the larger image into litte pieces.

    Thanks for the replies in advance.
    - David

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    Re: Image Manipulation Class in Flash Lite ?

    Not really possible with swf alone. You may use API Bridge for getting images and upload them to your server where you can easily manipulate those images. Your swf could load final image files from server then. However this is not so friendly for user's gprs charges, as well as your server traffic.

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    Smile Re: Image Manipulation Class in Flash Lite ?

    A subset of BitmapData APIs is supported from Flash Lite 3.1.Therefore, u cant use these APIs in FL 3.0. For more information, read here:
    One of the alternative to complete this task is by extending Flash Lite using any native language or by creating a plugin for a ready made solution i.e API Bridge.Hope it helps.

    Best Regards,
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    Re: Image Manipulation Class in Flash Lite ?

    try use masks:

    -make 8x8=64 objects let's say (make this using AS)
    -eachobject has a 80x80mask, and from AS move the image masked below where you need to make another cut...

    there is always another workaround...

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    Re: Image Manipulation Class in Flash Lite ?

    I've been racking my mind lately about this problem.

    Regards the 'server manipulation' idea :- i had considered that earlier,during the user design research phase, but it's not feasible in this scenario since the app. has the image data (which is rather large to move back and forth to the server) embedded in it.
    The app. only uses network occasionally for user authentication and to check for updates. If image manipulation was done at the server,users will, in this application's case, always need network access to the server - resulting in serious data tariff charges due to the overhead data transfer. - it's meant to be fast and responsive - so anything that could cause time delays .e.g. a bad day for the server ; is a definite no-go area.

    Regarding using a native language:-
    The app. targets mainstream devices in my environ.,which will not have support for a native language like Symbian. The only possible alternative, in this case, would to use a combination of J2ME and Flashlite - though i haven't explore this since i don't do J2ME.
    Regards support for the BitMap class in FL 3.1 :-
    The downside is that the target users devices are mainstream which, in this scenario, will not reach up to version 3.1. Most will be 2.x. - 3.0. devices.

    The only that seems abit feasible would be the image masking-idea, which i'll take a look at when i get back home to my PC.

    Had actually been thinking of loading the image into a moviclip and doing the movi(image) manipulation. since there's a moviclip class in FL, with a few visual-properties that can be manipulated - to give the illusion of a manipulated image.

    Thanks alot for all the replies.

    Hope i can get this sorted out soon - trying to get the app. finished(prototype) by the end of the weekend.
    - David

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