I had looked through the flashlite 3.0 documentations but didn't find any. I'm looking for a class in FL 3.0, that can perform image manipulation operations much like in the Bitmap and BitmapData classes on the desktop version.
I'm trying to write a simple flash app. which reads a large-sided image and splits/partitions it into little portion - much like you'd find in a jigsaw puzzle game.

So basically, the app. would:
- Take the large-sided image, and save it into an image object.
- Convert or scale it to a smaller size, using grid-scaling.
- Make copies of 'each section' in the grid of the large image;into an 80x80 size.
- Display the small size portions to the user.

The concept might resembled that of a picture-puzzle game, where you have little pieces of a larger image and you're suppose to reassemble them. - so i need code snippet that converts the larger image into litte pieces.

Thanks for the replies in advance.