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    How to encrypt and decrypt 3gp file

    Hi evryone

    I am able to encrpt and decrypt mp3 file but i am getting problem in 3gp file after decryption my 3gp file does not play.i am using bouncycastle cryptography techniques
    Anshu Chauhan
    J2me Developer

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    Re: How to encrypt and decrypt 3gp file

    Did you compare the file to the original, unencrypted file after you decrypted it?

    Was there a difference?

    If so, then either your encryption or decryption code (or both) has an error. Without more details from you, it is hard to guess what might be wrong with your code.

    If the encryption/decryption works for mp3 files, but doesn't for 3gp files, then it is still something wrong in your code (you just need to find how you do things differently; nobody here can help you unless you show/post the actual code you use).

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    Re: How to encrypt and decrypt 3gp file

    Hi Ansh, I need your help can you please help me with your code to encrypt and decrypt mp3 file.

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    Re: How to encrypt and decrypt 3gp file

    Hi Ansh

    Just review your code, unit test it and than see which part of your code is creating problem like,
    1. encryption
    2. decryption
    3. player
    - Mekal

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