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    missed call dialog problem

    Dear All,

    i have an application that do the following :

    the application listen to the call line in the background, and when a call received i send it to foreground with a priority always at front (SetOrdinalPosition(0, ECoeWinPriorityAlwaysAtFront)) to display something on, and when the call end or disconnect i send the application to background with priority normal (SetOrdinalPosition(0, ECoeWinPriorityNormal)), but when the call become a missed call (the caller disconnect), this event received by the original phone application before my application, so i couldn't send my application to background, which cause a dangerous problem that this dialog appear over my application and cause the screen to flicker and goes alternatively between my application and the dialog (for a while ) which finally cause the application to panic (ViewSrv or WSERV) and close.

    i noticed that the application is hanged in that while and a can't do anything inside the code to stop this,even sending the application to background.

    i tried many solutions (like detecting missed call dialog appearance),but i failed in all, for that simple reason :

    " the missed call event received by phone before my application and the problem is started before i can receive that event, and once the problem started i can't stop it because the application hang up"

    I'm developing under S60 3rd ed (IR, FP1, FP2)
    the problem appears clear on N95-8G, N96, and others

    i will appreciate any help .. and any discussion will help .

    thanks in advance

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    Re: missed call dialog problem

    I think you can make a timer class when your app comes into foreground in that timer you can check whether the call is connected or not? if call is not connected for some time say 15 see just hide your app with normal priority.
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