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    Platform services 2.0 / Media service / getList() and getThumnail()


    Hey could someone be kind enough to show me a working example how to get list of images in public folders and how to create a thumbnail URL using Platform Services 2.0 API. I've tried using example codes, but no luck on my two Nokia 5800 devices (firmwares 2.11xx and 4.0xx).

    There is an example widget (jssamplewidtget) in Platform Services 2.0 package, but its also dead on my phone. It should get list of my images to screen, but id doesn't work. Javascript dies if I try to import media service.

    so_media = com.nokia.device.load("", "com.nokia.device.media", "");

    I can use camera API without problem, so its just the media service thats bugging me.

    I can get 20 images using APIBridge, but I've refactored camera functionality to platfom services 2.0 already - only this feature is still bugging me.

    Thanks guys.

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    Re: Platform services 2.0 / Media service / getList() and getThumnail()

    Hello vphotmail, welcome to the discussion board!

    The Platform Services 2.0 is only supported for devices N97, N97 mini at the time of writing.

    This page has the last updated information:


    With which Nokia platforms and devices is Nokia Platform Services 2.0 compatible?

    Nokia Platform Services 2.0 is shipped in firmware on the Nokia N97 mobile computer (firmware release V20.0.019 or later) and Nokia N97 mini (firmware release V10.0.020 or later), with full support on other devices expected by firmware updates.
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