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    How can I know N3650 support what characters?

    for example,I read
    it show N3650 support "class" and "style" in table, td, tr,while Xhtml + WCSS or CSS MP, CSS support "background-image",but in reality N3650 can not support "background-image".
    How can I know N3650 support what characters?
    Is there any specification can tell me this?

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    Nokia 3650 supports XHTML MP and WAP CSS but there are a few elements and attributes that are not supported even though they are defined in the specifications. For example background image is one of these. The preferred way to get up-to-date information about the supported features is by taking a look at the Nokia GSM WAP Phone Characteristics/MIME types/WML and XHTML elements documents every now and then. We will try to update the documents constantly when there is something new information available.

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