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    Specific instruction on building QTMessaging for Win32?

    I'm working on a cross platform application that requires that I build the QTMessaging library on the Win32 platform, but I'm having absolutely no luck using either mingw32 or nmake. First issue is that the MAPI related headers aren't present, so I've tried copying them from several different versions of the Windows platform SDK to the build directory, that only results in considerable compile errors with various structure definition redefines.

    I would assume that at some point, Nokia clearly has been able to build the message library for a Windows platform, but if anyone has any specifics on which version of header files are required, or any other undocumented magic required, I think many of us would be extremely appreciative.

    Pretty much, if I can't resolve this shortly, we'll have to give up on using QTMobility for our application and find an alternate solution. I'm a great advocate of Qt, it has served us extremely well for Windows and embedded Linux development, but have completely hit a wall trying to build this library.

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    Re: Specific instruction on building QTMessaging for Win32?

    The mapi stuff should be included with the Windows Platform SDK

    C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.0A\Include\MAPIGuid.h
    C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.1\Include\MAPIGuid.h
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    Re: Specific instruction on building QTMessaging for Win32?

    Please note windows is not an officially supported platform, but here are some instructions.

    nmake can be used, but mingw32 can not.

    QtMobility messaging has been tested with Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2003, I recommended Outlook 2007 service pack 1 for best results.

    Windows 7 is unsupported and untested. Don't use Windows 7 with QtMobility messaging currently.

    The QtMobility docs state:
    'On Microsoft Windows, MAPI header files are required to be installed, we recommend installing Visual Studio Express for this purpose.'

    So it should be possible to install the MAPI header files when installing Visual Studio Express.

    Personally I've installed the MAPI header files using Visual Studio 2008 Professional and
    Visual Studio 2008 Service pack 1

    Before installing qtmobility it is necessary to build qt for the win23-msvc2008 platform, and make sure the QTDIR and PATH environment variables are set/updated as per usual when working with Qt on windows.

    To compile QtMobility on windows normally I create visual studio project file using
    qmake -tp vc qtmobility.pro
    then build using

    I agree that the build instructions for Windows could be better, Windows Mobile also requires further instructions** but because Windows isn't an officially supported platform yet this hasn't been a priority. Recently one of the dev machines used for QtMobility messaging development was reimaged so I'll have to go through the setup process again myself.

    **Windows Mobile also requires ActiveSync 4.5, I've also installed Windows Mobile Standard and Professional SDK and DTK, but perhaps I didn't need both.
    Windows Mobile Standard SDK & Windows Mobile Professional SDK
    Windows Mobile 6.5 Standard Developer Tool Kit (USA).msi & Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional Developer Tool Kit (USA).msi


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