I'm working on a cross platform application that requires that I build the QTMessaging library on the Win32 platform, but I'm having absolutely no luck using either mingw32 or nmake. First issue is that the MAPI related headers aren't present, so I've tried copying them from several different versions of the Windows platform SDK to the build directory, that only results in considerable compile errors with various structure definition redefines.

I would assume that at some point, Nokia clearly has been able to build the message library for a Windows platform, but if anyone has any specifics on which version of header files are required, or any other undocumented magic required, I think many of us would be extremely appreciative.

Pretty much, if I can't resolve this shortly, we'll have to give up on using QTMobility for our application and find an alternate solution. I'm a great advocate of Qt, it has served us extremely well for Windows and embedded Linux development, but have completely hit a wall trying to build this library.