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    Unhappy Organizing source - .pro in-place editor no longer working...

    Ok, I've been fiddling around with the .pro, trying to organize the source into folders that make sense, rather than just the big blob of files that Carbide makes when it creates a new project.

    I've been flipping back and forth between the text and the .pro in-place editor (I know the structure of .pro files.)

    Now, all of a sudden, the .pro in-place editor no longer comes up - complains there is no OLE registration (presumably in the registry) for that type of file.

    If I shut down Carbide and re-open, same issue. If I create a new (Qt) project, same issue.

    What's the deal? I must have broken something... Is the development environment so insanely fragile that stuff just stops working if you look at it wrong?

    Reinstall Carbide?

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    Re: Organizing source - .pro in-place editor no longer working...

    Hmm. Well, now it seems to have magically healed itself.

    Still, any thoughts on source organization and how to do? The carbide implementation seems to be pretty insistent on putting things where it wants.

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    Re: Organizing source - .pro in-place editor no longer working...

    You know, of course, that you don't have to put the files in the Carbide directory. When creating the project check the button that says "put the files elsewhere" or whatever it is, then type in the directory you want.

    You can create subdirectories in the project directory and put your stuff in them, vs accepting the "flat" project directory for everything. Just do it.

    And there are several ways to do development in multiple projects, vs throwing it all into one.

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