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    [Announce] Create maps with Yahoo MAPS API supporting PyS60

    Hi all,

    I'd like to share a new article/ snippet code that i've developed during a project about geoLocation at my master thesis work. I've used the Yahoo Maps API library in order to show my location on the map. This module can draw the maps in the display of the phone by using the coordinates (latitude,longitude) or by the address (Streets,Avenues, etc.)

    I also provided a working demo with some screenshots! Take a look here:


    I expect you enjoy!! Any doubts and suggestions are always welcome!

    Marcel Pinheiro Caraciolo
    5800 XM, E63, N95, N800


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    Re: [Announce] Create maps with Yahoo MAPS API supporting PyS60

    that's awesome

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    Re: [Announce] Create maps with Yahoo MAPS API supporting PyS60

    Hi Marcel, the article/code seems great ! Thanks for sharing it !

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