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    Allowing access to phone data


    In our widget development project I ran into an issue which I'd like to share here. We have a widget supporting the home screen view option and we have been running our widget on N97 Mini purchased for a couple of weeks earlier (not sure about the firmware version). The widget utilises the location API in order to get the current location of the device. When I open the installed widget on the home screen using the 'Add content' option, I am prompted to allow the widget to use the phone data and the location query works as expected. However, when I open the widget via the 'Applications' menu option, the device does not prompt me to accept the phone data access, thus the location query always fails.

    I found the 'RouteWidget' project in these forums, installed the widget from the package and faced a similar problem.

    Has anyone else noticed this issue? Is there a proper workaround to get the device to present the authorisation dialog even when not utilising the home screen option?

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    Re: Allowing access to phone data


    You should get "Allow *your widget name* to use Positioning data?" prompt when your widget tries to load location service API. This is shown when you launch your widget from the applications menu. Please let me know if you don't receive this notification.

    When you add your widget to HS "Allow application to access phone data?" is prompted. By answering yes to this prompt the access to platform services is granted without any additional queries.

    You can check the FW version by typing *#0000# in to the dialer.


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