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    fscommand - launch


    I am using fscommand to launch a native C++ console application. It runs properly when there is no arguments specfied for it in fscommand. However when I try to pass any argument to it via fscommand, it doesnt run. What could be the problem? Following is the statement I use for launch-

    fscommand("launch", "c:\\sys\\bin\\TestConsole.exe, param1, param2");

    I alos trued creating a string with all the three items appended, and tried various combinations of blank spaces and commas. Still no luck.

    Thanks in advance

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    Smile Re: fscommand - launch

    Like to read 2 years back? .The same issue exists with FL 3.0 according to my observation :
    Open a page from Flash Lite 2.0 But now kuneri lite system plugin
    is there to help u out .

    Best Regards,

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    Re: fscommand - launch

    Thanks. However running an HTTP server for a simple task which I want to do, seems like an overkill. However, Adobe/Nokia has given me no other option.

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