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    Accuracy of GPS location


    I'm developing an application that using location based services determines the speed the mobile is moving at. I know there's Sports Tracker that does a similar job but I need to be able to change the unit of measurement: it's a rowing application where speed is generally calculated as time over 500m.

    I've read many threads on the forum on the subject, I downloaded and studied few examples and in theory it looks easy. There's even a method in the API that provides the speed.
    But it's not accurate enough. The horizontal accuracy of the mobile's location is in fact in the 30 meters order of magnitude and as you can imagine it is too big for my application.
    I've tried setting the accuracy (to 5 meters as per following code which is just an extract of my routine):

    TPositionQuality quality;
    but it doesn't seem to be working (unless I'm missing something). The results are still not accurate.

    So I was wondering if anybody experienced a similar problem and if they managed to solve it, or if anybody can shed any lights...
    Basically I need to get the longitude and latitude of the mobile's location with an accuracy of 5 meters or less.

    The application is not for commercial purposes so I'm not considering using 3rd party engines (like Carmenta) unless there are free ones (but I doubt it) or at least not too expensive.

    I'm using Carbide.c++ 2.3.0 with S60 3rd Edition FP2 SDK v1.1.

    Thanks in advance for your help!


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    Re: Accuracy of GPS location

    Just an update...

    After further researching, I don't think it is possible to get such an accuracy with the GPS built in the mobile.
    So I'm now looking at connecting the mobile via bluetooth to a more accurate GPS receiver.

    However it would be good to hear from anybody who had similar problems/experiences.

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    Re: Accuracy of GPS location

    I guess the GPS accuracy is mainly affected by the positioning of the satellite noise in the radio signal, atmospheric conditions, and natural barriers to the signal. From what I understand for example, noise can create an error, also the infrastructures or anything that can block the signal can create error on certain distance. The most accurate determination of position occurs when the satellite and receiver have a clear view of each other and no other objects interfere.
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