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Thread: SMS Filter

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    SMS Filter

    I use the following code to setup a socket to filter the receiving of SMS:

    TInt err = iReadSocket.Open(iReadServer, KSMSAddrFamily, KSockDatagram, KSMSDatagramProtocol);

    if (!err)
    TSmsAddr smsAddr;

    TInt bindErr = iReadSocket.Bind(smsAddr); //this line fails on some mobile phone.


    iReadSocket.Bind(smsAddr) fails on some mobile phone with error code -11. The document explains this error code as KErrAlreadyExsits. I don't know why.

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    Re: SMS Filter

    is there any specific reason you want use sockets to receive normal SMS ?

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    Re: SMS Filter

    Quote Originally Posted by skumar_rao View Post
    is there any specific reason you want use sockets to receive normal SMS ?
    I need to filter the SMS receiving from some mobile numbers without system icon and voice notification.

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    Re: SMS Filter

    As the error indictaes the thing you are setting is already there, so make sure you close all of your stuff properly, so you wont be blocking any future runs of your own program, as well as, could indeed be that system or some other applciation is already having the socket receiving implemented.

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