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    Working with Visual Studio 6 and Carbide C++


    I am maintaining a rather old Windows application. For Windows development we use Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0, because we depend on certain old SDK's for the Windows version. Now we are trying to port it to Symbian.

    For the Symbian version we want to only port an internal library and then build a Symbian GUI upon it. However, we would like to maintain the codebase as unified as possible and not to fork it to two separate Windows and Symbian source trees. At the source level i will probably try to use something like #ifdef __SYMBIAN32__ to keep the code portable, but maintaining the project may be a problem.

    I started trying to build a Carbide C++ project in the same folder with our existing source and ran into some problems. Before i get into detail, i just want to ask: Does anyone think that trying to combine Carbide C++ and Visual Studio in the same folder is an idea that might work? Or would maintaining it be too cumbersome, in which case i should use different tools in the first place?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Working with Visual Studio 6 and Carbide C++

    i donot see any problem in keeping both in same folder. as both Visual Studio & Carbide.c++ maintain in different files . only thing is you have to sync between project files.

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