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    Artistic mild non explicit nudity: allowed or not?

    Hi again, people.

    I have developed an application for a company (I'm working with them so I'm authorized to do this) that takes and manages images from the site gallery. There might be artistic mild non explicit nudity. The "extreme" cases are images like these:

    What should I do in order to be published onto Ovi store? Should they be classified similar to http://www.esrb.org/ in videogames rules world, in order to define the reccomended minimum age of a user who can see such pictures (like over 13)? Or is it enough to advise the user by a dialog prompt?

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    Re: Artistic mild non explicit nudity: allowed or not?


    The examples of the content you have shown would be considered explicit for Ovi Store based on their content guidelines. It is more likely that the Moderation team would not pass this content even with a dialogue prompt.

    The content guidelines are based on CTIA guidelines, where modeling content is classified as age restricted if certain details are found from the images/videos. Ovi Store does not have agem verification, so the only option is to allow content that is classified 100% safe and suitable for teenagers across the globe. For example excessive cleavage, sexually suggestive posing etc. is forbidden. In videos headless camera pans/zooms are only allowed to last 3-4 seconds max and the shot needs to include the head of the model. The guidelines are complex and the approach is 'rather safe than sorry' when such content is classified age restricted in most parts of the world and Nokia agreements with the operators oblige the company to guarantee that the content in fact is appropriate for minors. For example in Europe only single model is allowed in the images etc. and for that reason Ovi Store does not allow two or more models in the same image either.

    Suggest that you write publishtoovi.support@nokia.com to get additional feedback.

    Thank you.

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