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    Red face S40, 6th Edition SDK : Screen resolution

    I fearlessly tracked down the properties files in C:\Nokia\Devices\S40_6th_Edition_SDK, and opened them to edit the screen resolution, as it is running at 240 x 480 pixels... and my little Nokia 6700 screen runs at 240 x 320 pixels.

    Yes, I know I should have a program that displays at any available resolution - but if I can shrink it down, not only will I see what the applet looks like on my phone, but the emulator will run a bit faster.

    "Ahha!", says I. Human readable uei.properties file!
    I quickly edited the file, and saved it:

    S40_6th_Edition_SDK.model: Series 40 6th Edition SDK
    S40_6th_Edition_SDK.description: Series 40 6th Edition SDK
    S40_6th_Edition_SDK.version.profile: MIDP-2.1
    S40_6th_Edition_SDK.version.configuration: CDLC-1.1
    S40_6th_Edition_SDK.screen.width: 240
    S40_6th_Edition_SDK.screen.height: 320
    S40_6th_Edition_SDK.screen.canvas.x: 0
    S40_6th_Edition_SDK.screen.canvas.y: 40
    S40_6th_Edition_SDK.screen.canvas.width: 240
    S40_6th_Edition_SDK.screen.canvas.height: 320
    S40_6th_Edition_SDK.screen.isColor: true
    S40_6th_Edition_SDK.screen.bitDepth: 16
    S40_6th_Edition_SDK.screen.isTouch: false
    I wonder what the .screen.canvas.? section does?
    Still wondering, but carrying on as I have a task to complete, I opened S40_6th_Edition_SDK.properties too:

    device.model: Series 40 6th Edition SDK
    device.screen.width: 240
    device.screen.height: 320
    device.screen.canvas.x: 0
    device.screen.canvas.y: 40
    device.screen.canvas.width: 240
    device.screen.canvas.height: 320
    device.screen.isColor: true
    device.screen.numColors: 16777216
    I edited the bit in bold and saved it again.

    I fired up a couple of dependable demos, and, good grief! The canvas appears to jump up and down the emulator window, between the gap the image resize has created in the emulated phone display.

    I tried another demo of some bouncing balls, and it ran very slowly, and covered the entire screen. Eek!

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    Re: S40, 6th Edition SDK : Screen resolution

    Did the file originally have the same values for both screen.* and screen.canvas.*?

    I have a feeling that it might not be happy with you editing this file... I can't find any reference on the site to anyone doing it.

    Unless the S40-6th emulator has alternate skins for different screen sizes, you might be better off using the S40-5th SDK. I think the main difference between 5th and 6th is that 6th has support for screens bigger than QVGA (240x320). Hmmm... possibly better camera API support and location API (and differences outside of Java).

    If 3D games are your interest, you could even go back to S40-3rd. (For no adequately explained reason, there is no "4th edition" of either S40 or S60.) I'd tend to use the oldest SDK I can, so I don't accidentally use new features that don't exist on older devices, and lose backwards-compatibility.


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