I dont currently have a desire to format my windows laptop and put ubuntu on it, install a maemo sdk, qt blah blah etc. Instead I'm happy to use QtCreator 1.3.1 on windows to make projects, run them on windows, check they work, copy the source to the N900 and use it to qmake and make the apps, but I'm hitting a problem..

First off, just in case the problem is actually with my broken solution: Is it possible to develop as I have outlined above? Use windows QtCreator to make the app's code, then transfer it to the N900 to get the compilation done (seems to be no scratchbox for windows?)?

If this is OK, then my problem is currently that Im trying to: apt-get install libqt4-maemo5-dev
on the N900 and all I'm getting is a refusal to install because dependencies arent met.

The following packages have unmet dependencies:
Depends: libgles2-sgx-img-dev but it is not installable
Depends: opengles-sgx-img-common-dev but it is not installable
Depends: libsqlite3-dev but it is not installable

Ive seen similar error reports before, last month and further in the past, discussiing a different set of packages, and in those cases it was basically that the repository was broken and a bug needed reporting in the Qt4.6 bug tracker at

Is that what's happened here?

Can you suggest any alternative dev route for a windows user with QtC1.3.1?