Hi Everyone,

I have a message for app developers. I don't intend to spam the forum, but I think there are people here that would be interested:

I work for LifePics, and we are interested in partnering with app developers…specifically, in linking our retail photo printing network into your mobile and web apps, as well as in other mediums (facebook, etc).

I would like to introduce our OPEN program to you, which
allows third party partners to send photo orders into our retail network
and receive a revenue share % on every order you contribute to. You could
add a link on your page and in your articles to our dealer directory, and
we would pay you for every order you help generate. Brief
info is below. Please contact me if this fits into your business model. chrisn@lifepics.com


LifePics is the market leader in providing retail photofinishers with
the latest online imaging services and technologies to conduct business
on the Web. We specialize in turning images into transactions by
connecting billions of consumers' digital images to retailers,
wholesalers, and other service providers.

The LifePics OPEN program allows app developers and web sites to drive
consumer photo orders through the LifePics Network. Third party partners
(i.e., you!) who successfully drive users, images, or orders into the
LifePics Network will be paid a revenue share percentage of every order
their app, web site, or affiliate program helps produce.

www.lifepics.com/partners (learn more and apply for the program).
I am happy to answer any questions you have!