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    Animating svg image without SVGAnimator

    Is it possible to animate svg image manually without using SVGAnimator?
    I have animated svg image and i want to animate it according to the rules defined in the file but not using SVGAnimator.

    The problem is that using SVGAnimator, you must switch to another displayable (canvas related to animator).
    Don't want to do this because changing displayable causes screen to flicker on some devices.

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    Re: Animating svg image without SVGAnimator

    Hello keints,

    Not sure if you already have conquered this problem?

    You can do rendering without an SVGAnimator. Check the following article, it is quite useful : http://developers.sun.com/mobility/m...dvg/index.html

    When you're rendering without an SVGAnimator, you need to detect the user's pointer events, discover whether and where the image was clicked, and call dispatchMouseEvent() on the SVGImage to trigger any scripted behavior. For a CustomItem, form traversal should allow activation and focus navigation through the elements within an image, using SVGImage's activate() and focusOn() methods respectively.

    Let me know how it goes?

    Best Regards,
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