Dear All,

I have done these steps

and downloaded
Out-of-box ready Maemo Final Fremantle 5.0 and Diablo 4.1.2 SDK and Eclipse IDE Virtual Image with Ubuntu Intrepid 8.10 Desktop (7-zip compressed) .

it works fine on VM player

so now i have maemo installed i need to add QT library
can you help me what is the next steps
??? Download Qt Linux?
??? Download Qt Maemo SDK?

which to install first?
How to configure Qt for Maemo compile?
How to debug on emulator?
How to pack package file to be ready for device deploy ? and what is output extension
How to download and install on device through web page

please forgive me i am new to linux and Maemo
is there is any video tutorial to save the time ? this will be helpful to everyone?