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    Exclamation 5800 freezes after a period of time running javame


    We are experiencing a weird problem. Application uses GPS and sends the gps coordinates over https periodically (30 sec interval) to our server.
    Everything works fine for a period of time, but after about 6-7 hours, the application freezes and doesn't connect anymore. In worst cases the whole phone is so stuck the only cure is to take the battery out. Does anyone of you have ideas what could be happening?
    Runtime.getFreeMemory() reports the memory is not being gradually exhausted and all the http(s) connections are closed according to the rules.

    Any help would be highly appreciated!

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    Re: 5800 freezes after a period of time running javame

    Hi rooster13,

    A couple of things that come to my mind that could have something to do causing your phone to freeze after such long period of time.

    Constant activity on the GPS unit accompanied with data transfer, for extensive period of time (several hours that is), could basically heat up the phone that way it becomes unstable. Sometimes the only help is to try newer firmware, or just as you have done, remove the battery thus rebooting the phone.

    What I was also thinking is that there maybe issues with the periodic location requests to the Nokia location server. You can check out this article just for curiosity, change the location server address and test. May work or may not work.


    These were only a couple of items, as I said that might be causing you the trouble. In case that you suspect your phone hardware is not fully ok, you should turn to your nearest Nokia Care point. You can find them behind this link:


    You can also contact directly with the Nokia Support at (for your device) http://europe.nokia.com/support/prod...00-xpressmusic

    Keep tracking this problem and report back if it happens regularily and still if you are using latest firmware and have tried e.g. the location server change, ok?

    Best Regards,
    [FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Blue"][/COLOR][I]Marko Lumivuori
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    Re: 5800 freezes after a period of time running javame

    Which phone are you using and have you tried the same application on other phones too - phones of different manufacturers?

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