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Thread: Landmarks

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    As you will see by the nature of this question i am new to Java. I am trying to find out how to take your current lat longs and display your location on a map
    with any Landmarks near your location being shown.

    If this is not possible then how about taking your lat longs, searching the landmark database for services within a certain range asy 2km and listing them on the screen in a form of list.

    I dont necessaraly need code, but just in theory how to acheive either of these.

    Thanks for any help

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    Re: Landmarks

    well the second one would be easier...
    You will need several things :
    - a device with GPS receiver (N95, N96, N97 etc) and you would be using the JSR179 (Location) API
    - a online database with landmarks
    - a map provider in case you want to show maps on-screen

    So you will retriever your GPS position through the JSR179, then you can send it to the landmarks database server with maybve some kind of extra variables/contraints (like a range within which specific types of landmarks should be returned), after which the server can return the list of landmarks...
    If yo u also want to show maps then your client (or your server) should ask for those at the map provider's server...

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