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    Generic MemoryError

    Hi All,

    I have this code

            def send_media(self, servlet_call):
                    packet_data    = {
                            'upload_file' : open(my_sound_file,'rb').read().encode('base64'),
                            'id'         : str(self._id),
                            'time'    : str(self._time)
                            headers = {
                                    "Content-type": "application/x-www-form-urlencoded",
                                    "Accept": "text/plain"
                            ft_server = httplib.HTTPConnection( self._server_conn )
                                    '/' + servlet_call,
                            return True
                    except Exception, e:
                            return False
                    # end try
            #end def
    It does everything correctly but then when it gets to the point where i tries to urllib the file and encode the file it gives a memory error (MemoryError) with the message

    1251, in urlencode, newcore\Lib\urllib.py MemoryError

    I have no idea why this is happening, is there any suggestions as to how to get around this. I increased the heapsize to 5M and the file i want to upload is no bigger then about 1 meg. Still no luck.

    And just to add, when its running in the pythonshell (as i was testing it prior to making sis file) it runs perfectly fine without the MemoryError Error.

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    Re: Generic MemoryError

    Hi sidneib,

    Regarding it is a MemoryError, and based on this information I would not make any hasty conclusions yet. And I assume that is not all of your code visible?

    Please could you try providing traceback information?

    If you want, check this article:


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