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    How to check NFC PushRegistry connection in 6212 SDK emulator


    I want to check by registering the NFC connection for push activation.
    crated a dynamic and static registration using PushRegistry.registerConnection()
    but unable to test the push activation using 6212 for NFC.
    Can any one suggest me how can i do this in emulator.


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    Re: How to check NFC PushRegistry connection in 6212 SDK emulator

    Hi Basu,
    if I understand the question correctly, then you can test your PushRegistration stuff in the Emulator by changing the settings to force "Over-The-Air" (OTA) application management/install.

    Then, when run from Netbeans or Opened from the emulator menus, the aplication is *installed* in the emulator (and available across sessions of using it) and not just run once then deleted as in a normal debug session.

    Then it can be auto-started when an appropriate tag is attached to the emulator using the NFC manager.

    In fact, this works for me better than on the real hardware - where I still cannot get a static push registration to work properly (see other posts on that subject.....still pending an answer from Nokia).


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